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Pieniny Środkowe - Właściwe

Pieniny Środkowe - Właściwe - it is the most attractive part of the range Pieniny. On the west side adjacent to Spiskie Pieniny, on the east side of Małe Pieniny. Pieniny extend from the central village and Niedzica Czorsztyn the Dunajec Gorge between Krościenkiem and Slovak Lesnica. Their highest peak is the Three Crowns, and more specifically one of the array of peaks - Okrąglica height 982 m above sea level. The bandwidth is over 12 km, a width of about 3.5-4 km, the total area of over 35 km ². Most of their territory is protected and is part of the Pieniny National Park.

Pieniny competent divided into: Pieniny Czorsztyńskie - located in the western part, between the crib and Pass Pass Szopczańskim Snozka and Gorge, the Three Crowns massif - which runs between the crib and pass Szopczańskim Gorge and Dunajec; Pieninki - Dunajec River and the valley between the Pieniny Brook.

Some of the Pieniny Właściwe among a group Golicy, extending from the valley to the valley Leśnickiego Potoka Lipnik. The group is structurally connected to the Three Crowns massif, is similar geology, landscape and nature. Although the majority of connections to the group Golicy Małe Pieniny. The main ridge runs from Wdżaru by Majerz and Macelak to pass crib, where he turns to the northeast and passes the ridge Pieninek Once Upon Gron, Czerteź and Sokolica, and the two highest peaks - Three Crowns and Nowa Góra can be found on the side of the main ridge. In total, the Pieniny Właściwe distinguished several peaks and crags over one hundred, with a height 300-450 m above the bottom of the valleys.

Pieniny Środkowe consist mainly of limestones - sedimentary rocks. Passes between the peaks are mostly shallow and gentle slopes are asymmetrical peaks, the milder the north side, from the south generally steep and bristling with rocks and turniami. Densely covered by forests, but there are a number of them turn, rocks and bare slopes and very steep (often vertical) undercut walls. Particularly interesting in this respect are very steep and high (up to 300 m) from the rocky cliffs of Dunajec. In some places the valleys are rocky gorges.

Pieniny Właściwe are the most attractive in terms of landscape and nature are part of the Pieniny and frequented by tourists. Under the terms of the number of tourists involved in Poland after the first one TatryThis is due to the attractiveness of the landscape and wildlife, well-organized based on tourism and accommodation, mineral water springs, sanatoriom in Szczawnica, rich history of the area and its many monuments such as the Pieniny Castle. Attraction on the European scale is rafting down the Dunajec River GorgeSimilar views as to the Dunajec River Gorge provides a so-called spacer. Pieniny Way. Speleologists also have a field for research and penetration in numerous caves here. The site is easy for tourists, precipitous places were secured barierkamii. In some buildings, the Pieniny National Park is free read the nature of the region. The main points to explore the Pieniny wypadowymi Central are: Krościenko nad Dunajcem, Szczawnica Zdroj, Sromowce Niżne and Czorsztyn.

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