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Małe (Small) Pieniny the eastern part of the Pieniny band, lying on the Dunajec Gorge Pass Separates. Small Pieniny poand have a length of 14 km and its width is about 4 km.Band ridge runs between the Slovakian border. Small Pieniny name appeared only in the mid-nineteenth century, in documents of the eighteenth century there was the name of Mountain Szlachtowskie. The border between the Beskid Sadecki and Small Pieniny stretches from Pass separates the lovely valley of the White Water Kociubylską Rock, referred to as the valley of the White Water and Grajcarek. Limestone rocks located on the north side of the valley of the White Water, although topographically the Sącz Beskid belong to, are part of the Small Pieniny.

Małe Pieniny characterized by relative high altitude of approximately 300 meters, reaching in places to 500 m. The highest peak of Pieniny Small, who is also the highest in the whole of the Pieniny, is also known as High High rocks - 1052 m The band, there are many limestone hills of sharply outlined forms and bare walls. Bystrzyk example, Lazne Rocks, Rabsztyn, in the eastern part of the rocky nature gradually disappears and the peaks begin to resemble a typical Beskydy hills. Southern slopes are steeper than the north, and these are cut by valleys, which are broad in its headwaters area, but narrow at the mouth. Watercourses form a dense network of 3.15 km / km ². The main rivers and streams, drainage band is Grajcarek, Forest and Stream Lipnik, all flow into the Dunajec. Only the streams flowing from the eastern part of the flow to Poprad.

Vegetation here is more limited than in other parts of the Pieniny, had in fact been strongly transformed by human activity. There are numerous meadows and pastures in the eastern part of growing forests, mainly spruce, also caused by human activity. The greatest impurity in them creates a beech. The only part of the natural spruce forest occurs on the northern slopes of the High. The most interesting flora survived in inaccessible slopes and rock quarry Bystrzyka Leśnickiego Creek and Gorge Homole.Nowhere, however, there is the Small Pieniny chrysanthemum Zawadzki, while the north wall of inaccessible rocks discovered relic Smolegowej position four plant species, of which three out of the Tatra Mountains and the Rock Smolegową anywhere in Poland did not exist. The Slovak side is one of the Small Pieniny Pieniny National Park in Slovakia, and Poland created several nature reserves.

Traces of settlements from the Bronze Age were discovered in a ravine and Jarmucie Homole. There are indications that Leśnica existed in 1297, Red Monastery was founded in 1319, confirm the existence of the village Štiavnica documents from 1413, yet later the Szlachtowa and Jaworki. These last two village along the White Water and Black Water formed an enclave called Rus łemkowska Szlachtowską population, which is incorporated into the key Nawojowa. Its inhabitants were mainly farmers and shepherds, at the end of the field work while traveling drutowaniem pots. After the war the population of these towns in the Vistula Action was displaced, and settled here by Polish settlers, mainly from the Highlands. Lemkos Slovak side everyone else on his patrimony.

Small Pieniny are an attractive area for hiking, biking and skiing - and ski lifts in Szczawnica Jaworki. Virtually the entire ridge of the Small Pieniny leads the blue trail, an extension of the trail that crosses the Pieniny appropriate. The route is very attractive landscape in most outdoor areas dotted with extensive views of the Tatra, Gorce, Beskid Sadecki, Beskid Wyspowy and mountains in Slovakia: Levocska Vrchy Spišská Magura, Čergovské pohorie and Lubowelskie Mountains.

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